2020 – 2021 PAV Meeting Information


2020-21 PAV Workshops 




All workshops start at 5:30pm UNLESS otherwise listed. PLEASE have all coaches arrive by 5:15pm

If you are sending coaches to another league workshop, please call ahead (ONE call to estimate your coach number) to verify dates/times and to provide host with number of coaches being sent. Changes may occur due to weather, emergencies, etc…so CALL  to confirm all workshops. All workshops that are postponed due to increment weather or other acts of God must be rescheduled within four weeks of original date to be valid. PLEASE have host AD’s contact AthletiCARE at least 10-14 days prior to workshop. If schedule changes are necessary, PLEASE alert the schools in your league/conference. If you are sending coaches to another league/conference workshop, have then call ahead to confirm date & time.

All but one JUNE workshop (Barberton HS- June 22) has been moved to JULY.

Boardman, Portsmouth West & Marietta will NOT be having AthletiCARE workshops.

(As originally scheduled)



5  Edison HS            Joann Stagani                            740-765-4313

June  ALL have been moved to back up dates in July except for Barberton HS.

1st  Strongsville HS                                 Denny Ziegler                 440-572-7118

3rd  ***

 6th  Wayne County (9am)                 John Gregory                            330-828-2262

20th South Point HS                              Dave Adams                          740-377-4323

22nd   North Olmsted HS (9am)         Mike Ptacek                           440-779-8797

22nd   Barberton HS                            John Sabol                              330-753-2255

24th  Jackson Milton HS                            Dan Crish                                   330-727-9323

28th  Philo HS                                          Dave Thomas                                740-674-6730


6th   North Olmsted HS (9am)

6th Strongsville HS (5:30pm)

7th Tuscarawas Central                    George Zambie                     330-343-3302

 9th Alliance  HS (9am)                     Mike Schott                           330-821-3972          

 11th South Point (9am)

12th  Philo HS (1pm)

13th Jackson Milton (5:30)

28th  Dalton HS (6pm PLEASE NOTE)


16th Solon HS                                   James McQuaide                   440-349-6244

21st Canton South HS                       Andy Harms                          330-484-8005

23rd  Labrae HS                                  Todd Rowe                           330-898-2349


3rd Nordonia HS (Noon)                                Rob Eckenrode                330-468-4601

5th  Westlake HS                                             Tony Cipollone                 440-835-6354

7th  Martins Ferry HS                                     Mark Cook                      740-633-0684

10th  South Point HS (9am)                          As Listed Above                   

12th   Streetsboro HS                                      Randy Tevepaugh            330-626-4902

15th  Buckeye Trail HS                                 Aaron Bates                       740-489-5005

25th   Philo HS (1pm)                                    As Listed Above

January  2021

4th  Garaway HS                                Chip Amicone                       330-852-2422

20th  Columbiana HS                         Erin Heasley                         330-482-3818 

26th  Carrollton HS                           Jason Eddy                            330-627-8260

27th   Highland HS                            Nick Ranallo                          330-239-1901


1st   Brunswick HS                           John Justice                           330-273-0496

6th  South Point HS (9am)               As Listed Above

8th   Avon Lake HS                          Brent Shremp                        440-933-5164

10th Harrison Central HS               Ray Hibbs                              740-942-7710

11th  Norton   HS                             Don Shimek                           330-825-7300

12th Martins Ferry HS                    Mark Cook                            740-633-0684

13th Mogadore HS                          Steve Lutz                              330-628-7262

23rd  Philo (1pm)                           As Listed  Above


TBA    Dalton HS                                     John Gregory                        330-828-2262


Back Up Dates

Used ONLY for Postponements

From original workshop dates

If unsure—call ahead


June 3rd    Edison Local HS (From May 5th  ) 5:30pm

July 6th   North Olmsted HS (From June 22nd /   9am )

July 6th   Strongsville HS   From June 1st/   5:30pm)

July 8th  Edison HS ( From May 5th/June 3rd )  5:30pm

July 11th  South Point HS   (From June 20th ) 9am

 July 12th   Philo HS     (From   June 28th )  1pm

July 13th  Jackson Milton HS  (From June 24th) 5:30

July 14th  Barberton HS  (From June 22nd )  5:30

July 20th   Dalton HS   (From June 6th)  5:30